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The class leading performance of the new iDSP Infrared System really is the sum of its outstanding parts!

It’s a combination of the Combo unit which provides greater beam spread coverage, the highly sensitive receivers that feature digital signal processing to provide optimum clarity and intelligibility and the newly designed neck loop that generates a standard compliant field strength and flat frequency response to facilitate a properly functional connection to hearing aids.

Add to this the fact it comes with all the standard power adaptors, cables and mounting/fixing brackets to allow a standard installation straight out of the box – and you know you have the winning solution.

iDSP Infrared Transmitter/Radiator Combination Unit

The 2 channel Combo unit is classy and unobtrusive, combining the functionality of both a transmitter and radiator in a single, portable or wall mountable solution.

It’s infrared transparent casing material allows light to transmit from all areas which, when combined with the arrays of wide angle and high intensity LED emmiter positioning, enables class leading area coverage of upto 2700m2 making highly efficient use of its minimal 1.5W output.

IR transmitter

The design covers almost  all areas of a room when mounted in the correct place, so only one unit is generally required, unless more than two channels are required or the room is an unusual shape or features a balcony – in which case expansionr radiators are available.

Check out the features overview video

EASE area coverage plots of an iDSP system


iDSP Infrared Receivers

The elegant, feature rich, single and multichannel iDSP receivers are ‘hypersensitive’ and can increase the effective area coverage and audio quality of any infrared system, but when coupled with the iDSP Combi Transmitter/Radiator units and optional expansion radiators they provide a system that is a step change in user experience from existing infrared

The receivers utilise a unique casing material that is transparent to infrared light, allowing the signal to reach the high sensitivity sensor from virtually any angle, which significantly reduces line of sight and daylight issues. You can even put it in a shirt pocket and still hear great audio in most cases.

Check out the features overview video

Fig. 2 Listen iDSP receiver case in normal light & infrared

IR demonstration

iDSP Neckloop

Many users will want to take advantage of their own hearing aids, BAHA or cochlear implants to enjoy the increased gain tailored audio. The iDSP receivers are designed to drive current into the specially designed neckloop, just like a hearing loop driver.


In this way the new neck loops are capable of providing the proper field strength and a flat frequency response required for comfortable, enjoyable listening.

They also feature a 3.5mm audio jack to allow headphones to be plugged in, which deactivates the loop and turns it into a lanyard.

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