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Central Hall Westminster is a grade II listed building that is renowned as one of central London’s largest conference venues. With a rich history of speakers including Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Sir Winston Churchill, The Dalai Lama and many more it is essential that the audio equipment provide listeners with an excellent auditory experience – and that that audio experience be offered to everyone, including patrons with hearing loss


The Central Hall team identified that the existing Infrared Assistive Listening solution was due for replacement, which offered the opportunity to install more modern equipment and to increase the seating areas within the Great Hall that were covered by the service.

Upon giving a demonstration to the in house Production Partners White Light ltd, whom are, Ampetronic’s lead engineer on the project James Bottrill confirmed that one iDSP transmitter covered nearly the whole room with a capacity of over 2000 people.


James explains, “It is a testimony to the outstanding covering capabilities of the iDSP Infrared products that we were able to achieve such an extensive coverage with so little equipment. We were very pleased with the customer’s reaction to these new products and that they allowed us to provide discreet assistive listening coverage to this architecturally sensitive space.”

To ensure excellent service the White light team decided to install a further two expansion radiators so that every seat had an exceptional reception. “As an AV professional it is not often that I am blown away by a tech demo but that’s exactly what happened with the iDSP equipment” says Jonjo Glynn, White Light’s Venue Production Director. “The product was the ideal solution for a very challenging space and we are thrilled with the results and service that it offers to CHW’s clients.”

A portable kit has also been used to provide assistive listening to the other smaller breakout rooms and areas, again providing an unparalleled quality of service to visitors with hearing loss. The overall response to the new systems has been well received and we look forward to hearing how the system performs in the on-going future.


Equipment used:

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