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World renowned, the University of Warwick is one of the UK’s leading higher education institutions and is dedicated to the “Pursuit of excellence”.

The Oculus building is a £19 million pound advanced learning facility has been completed to expand the University of Warwick, it includes 14 high quality classrooms and two large lecture theatres. The rooms all have state-of-the-art audio visual technology and a central atrium with a four-screen video wall.


With a desire to provide an excellent auditory experience to everyone that visits and studies within the Oculus building the need for Assistive listening was identified early on.

Ampetronic have a long working relationship with the University of Warwick and were called upon at the pre-tender stage to discuss the options for providing assistive listening to all teaching spaces in the new building.

With the two main lecture theatres being directly on top of each other there were issues with a traditional Hearing Loop solution, as it wouldn’t be possible to prevent crosstalk between the two rooms.

Ampetronic’s lead engineer on the project Chris Dale explains “I suggested the new Listen iDSP infrared systems to be used in all 14 rooms as this provides no concerns about overspill and following a demonstration in a similar sized theatre at the University where a single LT-84 transmitter easily covered every seat the systems were written into the specification of the project”.


The Oculus also uses a very intuitive locker system to hand out and store the IR receivers. Students who need to use the service can swipe their cards on a locker and collect a receiver without the need to ask for one, which provides a non-discriminative way of collecting, returning and charging the systems.

Following the tender being awarded to GV Multimedia, a company we have worked closely with on many previous projects, we took a demonstration system to their offices to and ensured they were confident with the product capabilities before installation.

GV Multimedia’s Matt Price elaborates “Ampetronic have always provided an excellent support mechanism and assisted us on many previous projects, particularly with their phased array solution. With the adoption of the Infrared product they have bolstered their position in the market providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for assistive listening solutions. We will continue to work closely with Ampetronic on future projects.”


You can view 360 degree images of the rooms of the Oculus or read about the new building here.

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