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FM Assistive Listening Technology Overview

RF systems capture the audio in the same way as other Assistive Listening Technologies, a microphone of line-in is connected to a transmitter which broadcasts the radio signal via an aerial. The aerial can either be connected directly to the transmitter, or wall mounted for better coverage and connected via a coaxial cable.

RF systems can cover large areas and may be used in a wide variety of public places, and users will require an RF receiver and earphones or a neckloop to connect directly to their hearing aid or cochlear implant (CI).

Some receivers are pre-set to a fixed channel; others may be tuneable receivers which can be set to any one of 8 or 10 channels for use in locations where several transmitters are broadcasting on different channels.

FM can be affected by external radio interference and as there are only a limited number of channels available in the UK area coverage is more limited than in other countries.

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