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The World Leader in Assistive Listening Solutions

Established in 1987, Ampetronic innovate in a full range of Assistive Listening systems and audio technologies, working as specialists in the field for nearly 30 years.

As passionate advocates for audio solutions that improve the experience of users, we design, manufacture and promote Assistive Listening systems and audio solutions around the world.

The business was founded by Leon Pieters, a highly skilled engineer and local preacher. After identifying the need to communicate the spoken word to those in his church community he set to work on developing high quality loop technologies and world class systems that really made a difference.

Ampetronic has continued to innovate throughout its history, bringing to market key new technologies in current drive, phase shift arrays, measurement systems, software analysis and other key technologies.

Still advocating that hearing loop technologies are one of the best solutions for many environments requiring assistive listening devices, we have decided to expand our offering so to include world leading IR, RF and Tour Guide audio systems.

We have been consistent and passionate advocates for assistive listening around the world, contributing to development of standards, legislation and best practice in many countries.

Ampetronic timeline

Ampetronic has innovated from day one, pioneering all of the major advances in loop technology in the last 25 years.

  • 1987 Foundation and launch of the flagship ILD9 amplifier
  • 1988 Design software v1 created and post installation magnetic field simulation made possible
  • 1998 ILD20 introduced paving the way for the first counter systems
  • 1991 First phase-shifted arrays making large area coverage from floor level loop installations and looping of buildings with steel construction possible
  • 1995 Metal loss compensation controls
  • 1993-2002 Core ILD range of area coverage loop systems
  • 2002 First dedicated elevator amplifier
  • 2003 Dedicated intercom system HLS, for transport systems
  • 2005 Customer design software release
  • 2006 Class G high efficiency high power amplifiers
  • 2009 Train and bus systems
  • 2013 Single rack unit dual output phase amplifiers App system
  • 2014 Winners of the Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade
  • 2015 Introduction of the Loopworks online tools and iOS Measurement
  • 2016 Class D DSP networkable loop drivers developed
  • 2016 A range of Infrared, Radio Frequency and Tour Guide audio solutions are added to our product offering

We have clear principles that underpin all of our work:

We deliver a Genuine Benefit
We believe that if it will not help, don't do it! Too many companies will sell boxes to customers that want to tick a compliance box, but in effect provide no benefit at all to the end user.
We believe strongly that we are responsible for the reputation of our systems, and will protect this by only selling where we believe the systems are put to appropriate use.
We provide systems, not boxes
We offer help in specification, design, installation, using and maintaining our audio systems. Any one weak part of the chain and the system will not work as it should resulting in the users not getting the benefit they deserve.
Education, Education, Education
Our audio solutions can be simple, but also simple to get wrong. We have chosen to invest in education at every level of the chain.
Ampetronic are pleased to announce that we will be offering the award winning new WiFi Audio streaming system.
The class leading performance of the new iDSP Infrared System really is the sum of its outstanding parts!
Assistive Listening Systems are a special type of sound system designed specifically to help people with hearing loss access audio services in public places by connecting them directly.
Ampetronic are world leaders in the design and manufacture of assistive listening systems and audio solutions.